“Switch the Ditches”


Our green would ordinarily close for its annual refurbishment in early to mid December.  This year however, we’ll be closing for an entirely different reason!

After more than fifty years of painstakingly removing, installing and eventually replacing hardwood ditch-boards as they gradually age and deteriorate, the Crows Nest Bowls Club has decided to refashion the green and install pre-fabricated concrete ditch walls.  Although the project will not take long to complete, the playing surface of the green may take a considerable period of time to return to its peak performance.

The “Switch the Ditches Project” is the largest endeavour that the Club has undertaken for many years – possibly ever!  And for this reason we proudly acknowledge the generosity and support provided to us by:

  • the Progressive Community Crows Nest (PCCN);
  • the Crows Nest Branch of the Heritage Bank; and
  • the Queensland Government’s Gambling Community Benefit Fund.



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