Big Bowls Programme

We’re a small club with a big bowls programme!

When our season is in full swing, sometimes we play every day except Monday and Tuesday.  During this couple of days the grass gets a break while our greens staff are busy maintaining the playing surface as well as the floral surrounds.

Wednesday afternoon is set aside for men’s social bowls.  The dress code is mufti, and generally games of pairs or triples are played from 12.30 to 4.30pm.  Prizes for the winning and runner-up teams are typically small meat trays or frozen foodstuffs.

Saturday afternoons cater for rounds of our intraclub championships or pennant matches might be played.  All games start at 12.30pm and continue until finalised.

Sunday afternoon’s club-selected mixed social bowls is a popular occasion.  Members, visitors and guests  compete to win sought-after prizes that more often than not are donated by the proprietors of local businesses eg., our butcher, hardware, service station, bakery to name a few.  Competition is always keen but friendly, social and played in good spirit.

On Tuesday evenings toward the end of each year, we arrange a programme of community night bowls – “Tuesday Nights Under Lights”.  Aimed at attracting bowlers and non-bowlers, games are open to all ages and all levels of expertise.  Beginners in particular are encouraged to give it a go!  Usually the nights run for six weeks prior to Christmas, and recommence for a further six weeks early in the new year.  Play usually starts around 6.30pm and wraps up no later than 8.30.  At play’s end, prizes are drawn out-of-the-hat, so anybody can take home the goodies depending on the luck of the draw.  The burgers are inexpensive and tasty.

Thursday mornings or afternoons – depending upon the weather, is that time of the week when the Crows Nest Ladies Bowling Club occupies the green to play socially or competitively.  Men are also welcome to make up the numbers.

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